Thursday, 17 June 2010

A week on

Here we are a week after I posted my half square triangles top and it still isn't finished! Yesterday I got around to extending it - I added 4 more rows in the end, and I pieced a back for it - mainly all the yellow but with a stripe of blocks of the three fabrics about 2/3s of the way down, sorry, I'll take a picture once it's off the machine. For now this is how it looks, 3 hours into quilting.
I decided to do pebbling (I'm kind of winging it!) instead of stippling and I have been amazed at how much longer it is taking, also, how much thread it is eating! I decided I wanted a variegated thread and I found one at the evil hobby store chain down the road. As an absolute precaution I decided to buy 2 reels and I am really (reel - y, snigger) glad I did because I have filled my bobbin 3 times already. I am hoping that it will soften a lot when I wash it though because the dense stitching is making it feel quite cardboardy at present.

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