Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Quilts 1700-2010

I finally made it to the V&A today - it was getting to the point where I knew if I didn't just get myself there today then before I knew it the exhibition would close and I would be left feeling incredibly stupid that there had been an exhibition about what I do just 30 minutes away in my favourite museum and I HADN'T GONE! Eeep!

I really enjoyed it, I would highly recommend the audio guide if you haven't been yet. They give it to you on an ipod touch so it's very easy to navigate back and forth and it has video clips and close ups as well as commentary. It really made me pay attention to things that I might otherwise have overlooked. It also made me cry at one point....don't worry, it was a 'hold back the tears with a gulp' rather than 'huge blubbery sobs'.

I enjoyed a little retail therapy afterwards although I have to say I was rather disappointed with the liberty designs. I came through to the shop with plans to buy a selection and make a hanging to remind me of the exhibition but I could only find one fabric that I liked and, well, one fabric does not a quilt make (I know, I know, apart from whole cloth!).

So, that was my day :) I am ashamed to say that my little yellow quilty is still in progress, although it has progressed a little. I need to push on with it tomorrow because I am off for a girly weekend in Bath starting early Friday morning and I REALLY don't want it to go into another week!


  1. I am pleased you liked the exhibition as I have read quite a few reviews that have been really mixed. I didn't make it down and won't now but feel like I have seen it thanks to all the bloggers sharing their experiences!
    Enjoy Bath (somewhere else I still haven't been to), isn't there a great quilt museum there?

  2. Oh my goodness, you must get yourself to Bath, that was my first visit and I have fallen head over heels in love with the place! There is the American Museum that has a lot of quilts - we didn't make it there but my cousin is just in the middle of moving there so I will do it on a future trip!

  3. ahh. you sound like me. i had to make a real effort to get in and see the v & a but so glad i did. i liked the fabrics... but have been on a bit of black-highlight kick lately! and saw the american museum a while back. loved it.. and saw some mad reinactment display, too. x