Wednesday, 9 June 2010

I woke up this morning feeling really grotty, yesterday I wasn't sure if I had hay fever or the start of a cold, today I know it is a cold! I decided to take a day off from the quilt because I am missing finishing things! I have only done one other large size quilt before and I do find it challenges my need for immediate gratification. I decided to look though my UFOs and pulled out a top I had pieced and appliqued for a table runner. I managed to get it all quilted this afternoon then got the binding finished this evening. Wow, it feels good to have a finished product!

This evening was my local quilt group (connecting threads) meet up and we had Wendy Lowes as our guest speaker. She does amazing things with fabric origami and brought loads of work in for us to see as well as physically demonstrating some of the folding. It was very interesting and I would highly recommend going to one of her talks.

Here is one of her pieces - called rose garden that was done from a brief given by the quilters guild


  1. aww...what a precious wee lil' bird! feel free to do something adorable like that on one of my blocks *wink*