Thursday, 3 June 2010

spot the mistake!

I just had to post this before correcting it because I didn't notice what I had done until I looked at the picture on my pc! How on earth I didn't notice while I was pressing it I will never is block 5...kinda!


  1. It is an easy fix. Your blocks look great so far. I am enjoying this project.

  2. Hey I LOVE your flying geese blocks. Saw your comment on the DQS waiting room and came over to see what's what on your blog. Looks cool. I've added it to my UK blogroll just for the fun of seeing what everone in the UK is doing as well as around the world. Lynne at

  3. Hi Lynne, glad you came to have a look! funnily enough I was over visiting you yesterday for exactly the same reason, I have been drooling over your union jack blocks!