Wednesday, 25 November 2009

An extra special sneak preview for my extra special blog readers! Here are some snippets of my new range, the three designs will also be available in another colourway but I have to keep you in suspense about something! The new range will be available from January

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

I went along to a meeting of the Mead Quilters last night. Janet Cook was speaking about her gorgeous quilts and it was very interesting, if you get the chance to see any of her work take a close look because they become more beautiful the closer you get.

They were also running an open sewing day today so I went along and had a lovely time putting together a christmas table runner which may or may not be heading towards a close family member the December. Um, Michelle...don't get excited, it isn't for you!

Thursday, 12 November 2009

It's hard to believe a week has gone by since I last posted, I have had a birthday since then and have been spoiled to high heaven. My parents came over for the weekend and we went to the theatre and out to dinner then lunch the following day with Gran and three separate birthday dinners with friends! I am very lucky and have had a lovely week.

That being said Ilford 'craft' Market was a complete wash out and certainly does not live up to its name but you live and learn. I have the second of the three fairs being held in Bishops Stortford on Saturday. It is free to get in and there were lots of good vendors last time so I would recommend popping in if you are local.

I have been busy getting together images of my designs for an article going into Sew Hip next month so that has been a lot of fun and I am really excited about seeing the outcome!

Other exciting news is that I am launching a new range, it will be available in January.....I may put a sneaky preview up over the next week or so :)

I am still loving piecing onto paper and have tried out a wonky log cabin block for a baby quilt that I am working on for Laurie. If you haven't seen pictures of her nursery go and check out Michelle's photo gallery - there is a link on my website. Mark and Laurie commissioned a custom range of fabrics when they were designing their nursery and it looks fab, now we just have to wait for their daughter to arrive!

Thursday, 5 November 2009

just a really quick one as I am snowed under getting ready for Ilford Craft Market tomorrow...I thought it was only fair to announce that my camera and tripod have arrived (actually they arrived on Tuesday so the 9th working day). I am very relieved as I had started reading all these awful reviews of the company and had started wondering whether I would ever see my camera or my money again, yes, a little over dramatic! I still think it was a REALLY long time to wait for something that is in stock to be sent from the Isle of Wight to Watford and it irked me to see them state 'fast delivery'! on their site but I am super delighted with my camera! Of course, the first thing I did was make it a case with a snuggly fleece lining :)

If it looks a little wonky that because, well, it's a little wonky! Ooooh, speaking of my inability to make unwonky things (totally not true BTW if you're thinking of buying anything I make!) I have been having a go at string piecing using paper, wow, it's so much fun and everything comes out so neatly! In fact I am in two minds as to whether I will ever use the blocks I have made so far because that will mean taking the paper off the back and then it won't look so beautifully neat anymore! I followed a link to a tutorial from after seeing the gorgeous spiders web blocks she was putting together and now I have


'scuse my toes in the first pic! I have tried out two different blocks, I'm not sure what I will do with them except maybe keep making them whenever I have a spare couple of hours. I highly recommend trying it if, like me, you have a box full of strippy shaped scraps!

Right, wish me luck, Ilford needs to be a good one!