Thursday, 4 November 2010

time flies

Eep! Where did the last month go? I have spent it mainly working and swapping...I signed up with a few supply (teaching) agencies in September and didn't get anywhere but I have had a fair bit of work during October and then I've had 2 interviews this week for long term supply. It's kind of fun being back in school and I think it is definitely good to keep my teaching up to date and rust free but I also still feel sad that my luxurious year off to get POD up and running is over. I think my time management skills will be well honed once I have a couple of terms of teaching alongside running the business under my belt!

On to cheerier topics............I am doing two year long block swaps on flickr at the moment -Bee (A Little Bit) Japanese and Tag Square Bee. This is the first time I have participated in this type of virtual Bee (or any type of Bee for that matter!) as apposed to monthly quilt swaps of the miniature or doll persuasion. These two work differently from each other - for the Japanese one we have each been assigned a month - when it is your month you send out fabric and block requirements to each of the other members and they all make for you then for the rest of the year you are making one or two blocks for someone different each month. As the name of the group implies we are all including Japanese fabrics for our blocks but that is the only theme. I am finding this really fun as you get to try out different styles + I love Japanese fabric! So far we have done scrappy spiderwebs, square in squares, wonky houses (mine all mine mwahahaha) and improvised forests. We just found out that for November we will be doing wonky log cabins and I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of this month's fabrics. It is serious fun this swap and it is full of fab people with fun ideas.

My month was September so I have now got all of my blocks from everyone, my next task is to chose some fabric for sashing. I am after something ugly, multicoloured and floral. I really should stop describing it that way because when I find it I am going to be scared of showing people for fear of insulting anyone who either designed it or finds it pretty! I don't technically mean it needs to be ugly I just um..well..don't know how else to express what I mean. I suppose it needs to be kind of 'grandma'ish but I am probably just digging myself a deeper hole so I'll shut up now!

I will leave you with a rather rubbish picture of some but not all of the gorgeous and inspirational blocks that the group made for me.

I am going off to start pressing and trimming them all in preparation for a little photo shoot that does them justice and includes all of them................that is if I don't get called to do supply this afternoon (sigh)