Wednesday, 3 February 2010

On the road again

I am in Devon this week, Michelle and I have rented a holiday cottage just outside Launceston to use as a base while we go around all of the retailer that we can find in Devon and Cornwall. We had planned to visit the Eden Project and perhaps take photos of products on the beach but the weather is GROTTY and even grottier I have developed a lovely rash on one side of my face which has necessitated trips to pharmacists then doctors then more pharmacists, we can only conclude that I am allergic to the detergent they use to wash the bedding. Other than that things are moving along well, just this afternoon I found two gorgeous shops that I hope will go ahead and stock my fabric. I will go back and see them tomorrow as the owners were out at both of them, after that I hope we will manage to get to the Eden Project, I have been before but Michelle hasn't and I think it is a shame to be all the way down here and not go. We will head slowly home on Friday and visit some retailers in Dorset along the way.
Last week we went to lots of lovely shops in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Surrey. It has taken a LOT of self control to go into them and not shop! Out of all of them so far my favourite has to be in The Wandering Line in Purley ( If you are anywhere near and haven't visited then you must, I was blown away by the size of the shop. It is lovely to have space to stand back and look at all the colours.
I am off now to watch a film in front of the log burner while I sew the binding to the back of little Stella's quilt (pics soon!).

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