Thursday, 14 January 2010

Happy New Year

Wow, it's been a long time since I have posted! I am currently 'stuck' in France. I came over on the 24th December and had a ticket booked to return on the 9th but then on the evening of the 8th it started snowing here. My Dad and Grandmother already had their flights cancelled on the 5th because of the snow in the UK and they had rebooked to come home on the same flight as me but when we woke up we saw there was no chance of that happening! Our flight wasn't cancelled in the end but we couldn't get out onto the main road let alone over an hour to Toulouse. Fortunately BA were offering to change tickets for flights between the 8th and 11th free of charge. Dad and Gran have left today (well, they will have in another hour hopefully!) and I am leaving on Saturday. Let's hope this is it for the snow for this year.

I have managed to get quite a lot of making done while I've been here at least. I have been working on a project to be published in Sew Hip (March issue) so I have been making up a couple of examples and taking photos of stages. I am just finishing up writing out all of the instructions to e-mail over for my deadline tomorrow.

My sister gave me a couple of balls of Bamboo yarn that she bought on a recent trip to the states so I have knitted that up into a wide ribbed cushion cover. I will have to post pics of that when I get home because I have a cushion pad there for it and I need to find some nice big wooden buttons too.

I have been doing a bit of crochet too, I bought 4 balls of yarn and two crochet hooks with the intention of teaching Michelle how to crochet, thinking we could make a garland of crochet hearts. Trouble is, Michelle didn't really like crocheting, she found it just as frustrating as I did the first (10..15?) times that I tried to learn. Oh well, I had lots of fun crocheting lots of hearts to string together,a little ball that Lucky decided was for him, a little flower just to see if I could make one then finally a cushion cover front for the flower to live on.

I have finished the quilt top for baby Stella, it just need embroidering with her birth details before I quilt and bind it.

I quilted and bound a top that I have been working on over my last 3 trips to France, I don't think I had even finished sewing in the last thread before my Dad claimed it to put on a wall here. I guess that is only fair seeing as it was made entirely from my Mum's stash!

Yesterday I started making heart shaped lavender bags to use up the last of the lavender harvested in 2009 - I ended up making 10 but I think I might be able to scrape together enough for another 3 this evening.

Oh and I made a little drawstring bag with pockets inside from a book that was another gift from Michelle, it is just the right size to fit my make up in and the mascara and other tubey shaped things all fit into the pockets. I think it would be a good idea for a crochet project bag if I drafted a pattern that would fit a few balls of yarn in the main pouch then the hooks in the pockets.

I think that's everything, here's the quilt that Dad nabbed.

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