Saturday, 19 September 2009

I have been busy over the last week, making products and creating project kits to sell at the Knitting and Stitching show and Michelle has been busy working on the website and setting up listings on Etsy and Dawanda. Today we took a day off to visit a few Brocantes (we are both in France this month, working between her house and my parent's), it was a really fun day and I managed to finally buy Michelle's housewarming and birthday presents - a cute, small bird bath to go out by her pool and a wrought iron outdoor thermometer.
I am most excited though that I found a gorgeous length of embroidered mantle edging, I will post pics tomorrow I promise...I left my camera behind in England so I will have to wait to borrow one. I am going to need to wash it and try and get out a few small rust marks, I am guessing it was pinned up.
I also bought a tiny wire basket in the shape of a heart and I am thinking that I should collect together all of my heart shaped things together on one shelf when I get back, maybe in the kitchen.
Oh, and I bought some ribbon because yesterday I was making bunting then realised Mum had no plain ribbon for it....I keep getting thrown by not being surrounded by my mountains of craft supplies! The lady in the fabric shop laughed because I stopped by and then only spent 1 euro 10 cents :)

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